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Whether you'd like us to join you for an off site workshop or plan one of our online cooking lessons for your teams.  We're here to take you on a culinary adventure to inspire your teams, keep them connected and learn new skills on the way.


As it may not always be possible to meet in person, there’s no reason why teams can’t still participate in group activities.  Maintaining social contact and having workplace fun is essential to building ‘team-spirit’ and making people still feel connected to their colleagues.

Our virtual team building cookery events ensure that individuals working remotely are still able to have social interaction with team members, clients, or the organisation as a whole.


Our aim is to create wonderful memories for your group activities, share laughter, and have fun all from the comfort of your own home.  Cook together, eat together and most importantly continue to strengthen your team bond together.

Our activities are highly inspiring, engaging and stimulating, whilst being educational and most of all fun!

Our in person or virtual cookery classes and wellness events can be a single event, or a series and the length of the programme can be determined by you.

We will plan the event and support you to provide all the information your team members require to be able to participate in the activity, from pan pizzas, whole food fridge staples for your work week ahead, soufflé' masterclass to scandi favourite "gravadlax & aquavit" - perfect for Friday afternoons!

Please email for all enquiries.

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