A message from Ben & Holly

As we approach the fourteenth week in a slightly eased lockdown, we’ve been looking back with pride at the last three months & what we’ve managed to achieve as a small team under such surreal circumstances.  AT HOME has given us the opportunity to support our incredible island suppliers & locals/regulars, trial dishes for future menus, as well as keep our dedicated team members in work and The Little Gloster name out there.  We have relished the challenge and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their incredible support.

Without the significant support of The Little Gloster Rooms reservations over the past thirteen weeks, we find ourselves at a crossroads, a little earlier than expected and have made the hard decision as a family, that after an incredible ten years in Gurnard, The Little Gloster ‘Restaurant & Rooms’ will be closing at the end of September and that our last AT HOME dishes were delivered this afternoon.

Until then, we will be exclusively open for rooms guests only & the restaurant will be closed to non-residents.  Our three beautiful bedrooms are available to book seven days a week bed & breakfast, making the most of our beautiful surroundings with the additional luxury of Ben & Jay’s beautiful cooking (wed-sun dinner).

Being one of many seasonal restaurant businesses on the island, facing the equivalent of three winters in a row, it is the right decision and we would like to thank our landlord for offering us the opportunity to leave our lease early.  We have memories that we will hold forever and would like to thank everyone who has dined or stayed with us for their support & friendship over the years, especially our incredible team, many of which we hope to continue working with.

The Little Gloster has been our life since 2010. It’s where we had our first IOW date way back when, it’s where we got engaged and married, and where Uffa has grown up.  Ben’s mum used to live above the restaurant and Mormor - Ben’s Danish grandmother used to help with the gardening and restaurant flowers well into her 80’s. Not forgetting Jay, who has been with us since day one.  This place is not just about the three of us, but our extended family & friends too and we love it.

Every corner of the building tells a story. We know the name of every paint colour in every room, where each piece of furniture was bought and where we painted it on our days off. Each tree and plant in the garden tell a story, every champagne stain on the ceiling or bash on the wall reminds us of a funny evening – peak summer madness when the wheels fell off and chaos ensued.  There have been some tough times too – hard winters, staff losses, the personal and business difficulties we have all experienced in this intoxicating industry, but it’s been incredible.

However, we still have three months ahead of us.

We are currently taking bookings for stays in our three beautiful rooms from July 4th through to end of September.  We’ve worked with the government guidelines and made further safe guards to ensure your time with us is safe and enjoyable. Breakfast will be served in the restaurant, private terraces or in the garden. For dinner, choose from a room-service menu or a small seasonal à la carte. Or – for a bespoke Little Gloster 2020 experience – Ben & Jay will prepare a special seasonal tasting menu based on the best ingredients they can source & try to accommodate any special requests such as isle of wight lobster or crab.  To drink we’ll have our full wine list, and a lovely little rotating cocktail menu. 

We’re so proud to be able to say that we will leave The Little Gloster as the reigning Good Food Guide Best Local Restaurant for the whole of the UK. It is one of our proudest moments and we will shut the door at the end of September with our hearts full and heads high, proud of what we’ve achieved together.  Should lockdown ease further, we are hoping to hold a party or two to drink the bar dry and have an opportunity to thank you all in person.

Any guests with The Little Gloster vouchers will be encouraged to use them to book a room (before October) or to use them to buy some of our fine wines, wine, bottles of spirits – drink/buy our bar dry.

The Little Gloster will be back! We’re brimming with ideas and an opportunity that makes our hearts flutter and excites us could be just around the corner, and when the right one comes along we will know, and we will pour everything we have into it, just as we have done in beautiful Gurnard. 

We look forward to welcoming you over the summer and into early autumn. Even if you live around the corner, come and stay and help us make more memories, and fill these last Little Gloster weeks with happiness.

With our best wishes as always,

Ben, Holly & Uffa x