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The Bennu Three Day Reset - Testimonials

What are people saying? (don’t just take our word for it)

Totally buzzed and full of energy! Just what I needed after a heavy time seeing friends and family. The course was a joy to learn and cook along with, my wife really enjoyed the Dhal” 


Joe – Electrician, Rugby Player and Father to two


“I do not enjoy cooking and became very unwell as a result of feeding my body with things that were particularly bad.  With the help of Dr. Margarita and Ben working together, I was provided with very easy to follow recipes and instructions for giving my gut the best chance of recovery. 


The transformation I saw was incredible. I felt more confident, healthy and had more clarity. I have also learned that what food I put into my body has a major effect on the way that I think and feel. It has been not just been educational but a journey of self-improvement and discovery.

Jack Cooke – Ben’s brother.


“I heard about this through a mate, bought it as a present to myself, and was chuffed with the outcome. I was looking for a way to kick start cleaner eating with focus on gut health, as you hear so much about that these days. It did as described… more energy, more focus, and more importantly perhaps, more confidence in cooking this type of food… Family and friends now regularly get to experience the delicious dhal. All I can say is, when can I get some more recipes Ben?” 


Nick - CRO at Global IT Services Business and father to two energetic you boys


“I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired” Every day I was dragging myself out of bed with no fixed plan of what I was going to eat and drink that day. The Bennu reset made mealtimes easy, with a little bit of work I have had empowering results and it’s given me the boost and direction I needed.

JG - Founder of CBD Drinks Company 

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