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After ten wonderful years, we locked the doors of The Little Gloster Restaurant & Rooms for the very last time, in October 2020. 

We have memories that we will hold forever and would like to thank everyone who dined or stayed with us for their support & friendship over the years, especially our incredible team.

The Little Gloster had been our life since 2010. It’s where we had our first IOW date way back when, it’s where we got engaged and married, and where Uffa grew up.  Ben’s mum used to live above the restaurant and Mormor - Ben’s Danish grandmother used to help with the gardening and restaurant flowers well into her 80’s. Not forgetting Jay, who was with us since day one.  It was not just about the four of us, but our extended family & friends too and we loved it.

Every corner of the building told a story. We knew the name of every paint colour in every room, where each piece of furniture was bought and where we painted it on our days off. Each tree and plant in the garden told a story, every champagne stain on the ceiling or bash on the wall reminded us of those balmy evenings – peak summer madness when the wheels fell off and chaos ensued.  There were some tough times too – hard winters, staff losses, the personal and business difficulties we have all experienced in this intoxicating industry, but it was incredible.

With covid upon us & the renegotiation of our lease imminent, we made the decision as a family to take the opportunity by the horns and start a new exciting adventure - something that would make our hearts flutter, would allow us more time with our sons & something that we could pour everything we have into, just as we did in beautiful Gurnard. 


We’re so proud to be able to say that we left The Little Gloster as the reigning Good Food Guide Best Local Restaurant for the whole of the UK. It is one of our proudest moments and we shut the door for the last time, with our hearts full and heads high, proud of what we had achieved together.  


If only we were able to hold a party or two to drink the bar dry as we had hoped, and have an opportunity to thank you all in person.  The Lille Cabin might be a little small for a everyone, but we could certainly try!

What an incredible ten years it was.  Here's to our new adventure and all the new memories we will make!

With our best wishes,

Ben, Holly, Uffa & Étienne Cooke

gurnard, isle of wight

2010 - 2020

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