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A 3 Day Online Reset Cookery Course for detoxification



  • 3 Day Plant-based Elimination Cookery Course

  • Lifetime access to the simple delicious recipes & video tutorials developed for the course, which you will use forever

  • Learn all course content with a step-by-step journey with Benjamin Cooke - award winning chef, medically backed by Dr Margarita Kitova John

  • Cleanse your gut and give it a nutrient packed holiday

  • Clear out the old and bring in the new you

  • Empower yourself whilst gaining energy and knowledge

  • Buddy up with a friend and share the costs and cooking

  • Dial into your gut biome and start the healing today

  • Access to discount codes including the uk’s leading organic online health food supplier & enrichd – superfoods

  • Journey into the world of organised pantry items and learn the art of “Mis En Place”.

  • Be introduced to the power of fasting which leads to healthy weight loss

  • Experience astonishingly clean and healthy bowel movements 

  • Gift the reset to a friend or family member who you think would benefit from the reset and join this movement of like minded individuals

  • If you're taking part in the community led reset being held from 15th January 2024 - Once signed up, you will be invited to join a private community WhatsApp group, of like minded individuals taking part in the reset to share progress, recipe success and wellbeing discoveries along the way. 

  • Premium Meal Delivery Service available in January - more info at the bottom of the page.


What is the Bennu Reset?

The Three Day Reset has been designed to reset your gut health, body and mind. You will kick start a detoxification leaving you feeling brighter, lighter, happier and healthier.  Helping you tune into your body and create healthy habits. 


Medically backed by Dr Margarita Kitova John from The Lantern Clinic, who has provided the scientific and strict medical guidelines for Ben Cooke from The Little Gloster, who has created the menu, meal plans and supporting videos for this life enhancing course.  


We provide full recipes, shopping & equipment lists, cook along videos and health & wellbeing advice so that you can feel better than ever.

This program of rest and renewal for your body can reduce pain, symptoms of chronic disease, cleanses your body & make you feel healthier and more energetic.

Each body has its own self-healing mechanisms. This 3 Day program strengthens your body’s healing forces in a short period of time. Detoxification is like an oil change. It cleans and improves the filtering of your body in a way that clears a new path of enlightenment (you will also get the best bowel movements ever).

There’s something so satisfying about cooking your own food. We all need to reduce or ideally illuminate highly processed convenience food in our diets.  This reset empowers you to cook & prepare simple healthy recipes yourself, and in turn reduces waste, plastic and packaging.

The Bennu Bird


The name Bennu is the Great Grey Heron Bird ˈbɛnuː'  It is an ancient Egyptian deity linked with the Sun, creation, and rebirth. It is linked to the original inspiration for the phoenix legend that developed in Greek mythologyof the re-rising.


Ben Cooke the founder of this course has a direct spiritual connection with Herons, obsessing over them as a child and having some life changing moments connected with the mystical bird. 

When developing the course, Ben asked his mother Eileen to help come up with a name & she came across the link between Ben’s name and his spirit animal, somehow also linking what this reset is all about. Starting afresh – giving yourself a new start. So you could say its coincidence, while others would say there’s no such thing as a coincidence. 


Don't just take our word for it.  Hear from some of our previous Reset community HERE.

IMG_0029 2_edited_edited.jpg


Who is the Bennu Reset for?


Men or Women suffering from toxic overload – resulting in energy loss/fatigue, brain fog, symptoms of depression, skin or rash problems, memory difficulties, bloated stomach after eating or undesirable bowel movements. 


Join The Bennu Reset if you would like to clear your body of toxins, it’s a great way kick start a new way of living which will generate noticeable positive energy and mood change.


People who enjoy fresh food and like to cook, even at a basic level


The Bennu Reset has fully recorded step by step easy to follow recipes that can be recreated easily at home or pre prepared and taken to work with you.


People who have an interest in the relation of how food effects the way we feel


The Bennu Reset will leave you more connected to the food you eat and empowered by the energy it gives you.


Busy and Hectic people


The course teaches you how to stock your pantry & get on top of ordering.  By buying your ingredients before the meal plans start, it is manageable and organised. It also breaks the mealtimes into easy to an follow schedule with timings which come with simple preparation solutions to make your life easier.


People with chronic conditions* & diabetes **


* Could follow the reset but if they are on medication, they should consult their health care provider before completing (or contact Dr Margarita for a private consultation)


** There are no contradictions for diabetes following the plan as long as they monitor sugar levels and seek advice in case of queries with medication.


Who is the Bennu Reset NOT for?




This is fully plant based short course. If you feel that you are unable to eliminate meat, animal products for up to a week then this isn’t the course for you.


Pregnant women & people with eating disorders


These people should be assessed by a medical practitioner before embarking on this course.


People who can’t or don’t want to cook


The course is fully immersive and offers recipes and filmed tutorials, where you are totally guided in how to cook the simple & delicious simple healthy meals.  If you don't want to cook it yourself the online course maybe isn't for you *



  • Price: £49.99 for lifetime online access

  • 10% donated to The British Red Cross Israel and Occupied Palestine Territory Appeal



Short of time but want to take part?

We are offering this course as a fully catered & delivered meal service, available only for residents on The Isle of Wight on a pilot basis. 

Price: £249.99 pp 

inc ALL freshly prepared food/items for the three day reset (Inc Drinks, 2 x Breakfast, 3 x Lunch & 3 x Dinner) + lifetime online access + island wide delivery included. 

Food will be delivered Sunday 14th or Monday 15th - depending on IOW location 

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