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'Boys Night Wraps' A Delicious and Easy Recipe for all the Family

Holly went to stay with her parents for the night with Étienne as she had an appointment on the main Island.

I asked uff what he wanted for dinner and he said WRAPS.

In-between working on the house (hence the decorating jumper) - I made a super quick dough ready for Uff to roll out when he got home from school. There’s something really special about making the wraps and something even more special about children helping in the kitchen. When they get involved and get cooking they try more things, which is always a MASSIVE win.

You can use any fat in the recipe - we’ve made them vegan by using coconut oil which is delicious. For this batch I had some Tallow (purified beef fat) which I rendered myself from the wizard belted galloway cows reared by the lady farming legends Hollie and Francesca at Nunwell on the Isle of Wight.

We had some left over chicken from Sunday roast which I grilled up with some cajun spice, fried off some padrons we had in our veg drawer - use what ever vegetables or salad the children will eat and get them to roll their own. I also cooked up some quinoa in stock whilst Jay and Uff were rolling the dough for some extra protein…uff loved that. We also filled ours with some of Will & Aimee's 'Living Larder" fragrant leaves. YUM

Who wants a tallow recipe? That was great fun to make. Although it stank the cabin out in the purification process.

Happy Cooke’ing

Here’s the simple flat bread recipe

Buy the best quality flour you can afford - we use WILDFARMED & WAITROSE DUCHY ORGANIC as we love the ethics behind them.

Recipe makes 8

2  x cups of flour - 1 x wholemeal 1 x white (270g in total)

1.5 x cups of just boiled water (355ml)

Large pinch salt

Good glug of oil or melted butter or TALLOW (beef fat rendered) plus more for brushing after

Simply follow the method in the video.

Fry on a medium/high heat in a non stick or seasoned skillet. (Dry pan)

Use the technique Uffa shows, using dry tea towel to push the sides down to trap the air in the round bread and get some wizard bubbles.

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