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HAPPY PANCAKE DAY (from the mountains)

Éti enjoyed 2 minutes gorging in the mountain garden, then got cold so asked to go to his favourite chair to finish them off.

What’s your favourite garnish for pancakes?

Uff & Holly love sugar and lemon, Éti goes for syrup and lemon, Ben is addicted to Hollys marmalade which is a dark one so tastes like suzette.

Here’s a versatile recipe that you can make savoury - another hit at The Little Gloster was our smoked haddock stuffed crepes, in a mornay sauce with plenty of lemon and spinach then topped with a poached egg and fresh dill……ooooo yum.


For the crêpes


Blend or whisk gradually all ingredients together and let rest for 20mins before cooking

Cook in a crepe pan with a knob of better for each one

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